Thermal Engineer Day July 24

                                                              July 24, 2019          sponsored by Advanced Thermal Solutions


thermal engineering dayShow the world that Thermal Engineering makes a difference!

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Why is Thermal Management Important?

Without thermal engineer’s contributions electronic technological advancement would not be possible.  Learn more about the importance of thermal engineer at this interview with Dr. Kaveh Azar, CEO, founder of Advanced Thermal Solutions and Rich Nass of Open Systems Media

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Who is the Father of Thermodynamics?




 Who Is The Father of Thermodynamics?



Join our BBQ at ATS' R&D Center in Norwood MA

ATS Thermal Engineering Day BBQ

ON Thermal Engineer Day we're having a cookout to honor the day.


If you are in the Boston area stop down Next Year!


Save the DATE:  Monday July 24th, 2019!

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