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How did you celebrate National Thermal Engineer Day?

National Thermal Engineer DayNational Thermal Engineer Day is a day celebrated on the National Day Calendar and sponsored by Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), dedicated to celebrating the importance of thermal management and the thermal engineers that cool the impossible. Thermal Engineers know the intricate science of heat flow and methods to provide cooling. They must account for every component in a device, how they all work together and where the device will be used. They use specialized equipment in dedicated thermal labs. They have training in electrical, mechanical and software engineering.

National Thermal Engineer Day

On August 24th ATS hosted the first annual “National Thermal Engineer Day” Celebration. Complete with food, gifts and the official Thermal Engineer Day Pin, ATS celebrates the thermal geek in you!

What?? You didn’t celebrate this year? Don’t worry! This is a National Holiday and plans are underway to make next years celebration even “hotter”.

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Take pictures wearing your pin and email us or post to Facebook page using hashtag #ThermEngDay. Let us know where YOUR pin travels!

Stay tuned for this year’s exciting contests and Help ATS spread the Thermal News about Thermal Engineer Day!

ATS maxiGRIP and superGRIP Heat Sink Attachments

Advanced Thermal Solutions John O’Day and Len Alter showcase the patented heat sink attachments maxiGRIP and superGRIP. With its patented and discrete design, these heat sink attachments are well worth it for being your only choice for a cost-effective, high performing thermal solution.

ATS Webinar Archive On Best Heat Sink Materials

We’ve seen a lot of search activity here at ATS’s Electronics Cooling blog for “best heat sink material”. As our reader’s have seen, we have quite a bit of excellent material on that topic and we have a webinar in our archives you might like as well.

Heat Sink Materials: Choices and Tradeoffs is a presentation on heat sink materials, particularly advanced ones, that our readers should listen to as well.  It’s an informative presentation given by a colleague of Dr. Kaveh Azar’s, Dr. Carl Zweben. You’ll be very glad you listened.

Best of all, the cost is free, and part of ATS’s continued drive to support the thermal engineering community.

But, if our information is not quite enough to help you, contact us and let’s see how ATS thermal engineers can make your next project a success! Email us at , call us at 781-769-2800 or visit our Design Services

When is a book on thermal management more useful than using the internet?

photo of qpedia book seriesWe consume a lot of information here in our labs at ATS.  From researching information, to documenting information, through finding suppliers we use the Internet a lot.  And who doesn’t? There are hundreds of millions of people who use the Internet everyday for a wide variety of tasks for work and personal use.

And yet, despite all the value and ease by which the Internet makes information finding easy, ATS has published a book series on thermal management. Why is that?

Well, we’ve got a few reasons as to why we did this and one request, which we’ll get to in a minute.

As for why ATS has published a three volume set (with more books in the waiting) on thermal engineering the answer is simple, convenience.ATS’s three volume book set is effectively a yearly anthology of the articles from our thermal engineering journal, QPedia. Putting all the articles in one place, in one book, for a given year’s QPedia gives our readers the ability to easily access a complete years worth of QPedia Thermal eMagazine reference articles in one space. When you are in a time crunch, wading through a sea of results on Google or Bing might lead you in the wrong direction, open a QPedia book instead and you are likely to find your answer faster and it will be from a technically competent source. Now to our request,

Take a look at our books , you’ll be glad you did. They are chalk full of authoritative and respected articles on thermal management. No junk science and no dead ends searching the net. To see our book series just click to the ATS Thermal eBook Site for a look

Welcome to Advanced Thermal Solutions Electronics Cooling Blog

Welcome our long time readers from to our new home! We’ll be featuring the same content as we always have but expanded and improved! We’ve moved all the former articles from here to

We currently have hundreds of articles here on a variety of topics from “how to” articles, interviews, reprints from QPedia Thermal eMagazine, videos and more. We encourage you to browse our content from the past year as we publish regularly new material weekly to benefit the thermal management professionals and the thermal management community.

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