How Chillers Are Used in the Liquid Loop and How to Choose the Right Fluid

Chillers can be a key component in the liquid loop. They serve the function of conditioning the coolant before it heads back into the cold plate in a liquid loop. The standard refrigeration cycle of recirculating chillers is displayed below in Fig. 1.

Heat Exchanger
An example of a standard liquid cooling loop using a heat exchanger to transfer heat from the liquid to the ambient. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

The choice of the chiller and the fluid are an important part of the creation of the liquid loop. ATS has some resources to help engineers in this work.

First, engineers can get some help identifying the right fluid to use in their liquid loop with our article “Engineering How-To: Choosing the Right Fluid to Use with Cold Plates“. While water is the most common fluid, our article helps engineers with a specification grid on which fluid to use given different applications.

Another helpful resource for engineers is our article, “Cold Plates and Recirculating Chillers for Liquid Cooling Systems“. This article helps engineers understand the use of both cold plates and chillers deployed in the liquid loop. We also include a comparison of ATS and other industry chillers for quick reference for engineers.

But what if your new to how the liquid cooling loop works? Our 2 min. video walks engineers through. The video “What is a Cold Plate and How Does it Work” is a 2 minute video on the ATS YouTube Channel showing how the liquid loop works.

The Liquid Cooling Loop for thermal management of electronics
The liquid cooling loop and some key features of

Finally, ATS has a line or recirculating, immersion and TEC based chillers that engineers can deploy in their liquid loop to efficiently cool high power electronics. You can learn about them on our web sit here: “ATS Family of
recirculating, immersion and TEC based chillers

ATS Family of Recirculating, TEC Based and Immersion Chillers
ATS Family of Recirculating, TEC Based and Immersion Chillers

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