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Summer Engineering Intern Shares Positive Experiences From Time at ATS

Vlad Blyakhman, a rising sophomore in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), sat down with the marketing team to speak about his experiences as a summer intern at Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS).

Engineering Intern

George Washington University rising sophomore Vlad Blyakhman spent the summer as an engineering intern at ATS. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

After a summer working in the ATS labs, learning about the company’s wide range of thermal management products, from heat sinks for convection cooling to its liquid cooling options, and exploring thermal engineering topics with the ATS staff, Vlad is now ready to continue his mechanical engineering studies at GW this fall.

“Before I came here,” Vlad explained, “I just knew it was engineering that had to do with heat, but now I understand that it’s obviously a lot more than that.”

He added, “When I first got to ATS, I remember just being in the lab and seeing these crazy machines and having no idea what they’re for or what they do, but now, after spending some time here, I can go back in the same laboratory and know that I know how to use them and know what they do now.”

According to Vlad, his favorite part of his summer at ATS was creating and designing a fixture for testing cold plates in the lab. He also had the opportunity to see ATS engineers in action, watching them at work developing designs for customers and working on the next generation of thermal management solutions. It was a chance to put his classroom learning into practice and expand his knowledge base beyond what he had studied to this point.

When asked if he would recommend an ATS internship to another student, Vlad said, “It’s a very specific experience that you can’t get anywhere else. So, I think it will really help you decide what field you want to go into; what type of engineering.”

Here more from Vlad in the full video below:

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