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Liquid Crystal Thermography Q & A

In light of ATS’ new release of the ethermVIEW, a high resolution liquid crystal thermography system, we sat down with Dr. Tavassoli, Chief Technologist at ATS to ask a few questions about liquid crystal thermography. Below is the Q & A session on commons questions that are asked about liquid crystal thermography.

Q: What are Liquid Crystals? How do they work?

A: Liquid Crystals reflect incident light at the visible wave length based on the temperature of the surface to which they are applied.

Q: Does the chip or the board get destroyed as the result of the ink/Liquid Crystal (LC) application?

A: No, ink and LC can be washed off with de-ionized water

Q: Can you reuse the LC treated surface?

A: Yes, as long as the surface is kept in a clean environment.

Q: How often do I need to calibrate?

A: Typically every time the LC is applied to a new surface, which is a good measurement practice.

Q: Are Liquid Crystals harmful?

A: No, but we do not recommend consuming them!

Q: Can you use LC’s for board level measurement?

A: Yes, LC’s can be used for any surface that can be treated with LC’s and trackable lighting.

Q: Can you mix different Liquid Crystal compounds?

A: Yes, however, it will be difficult to determine the temperature because the same colors, reflecting a temperature, will appear repeatedly as the surface is heated.

Watch liquid crystals in action! Check out the video demo

To learn more about the newly released ethermVIEW, and other surface thermography systems offered by ATS,  visit http://www.qats.com/Products/Temperature-and-Velocity-Measurement/Surface-Thermography.

ATS Releases New Liquid Crystal Thermographic System

ATS has just announced the release of the new ethermVIEW™ liquid crystal thermographic analysis system, which provides precise, optical temperature measurements for active PCBs and components. The ethermVIEW system uses the color response of thermochromic liquid crystals (TLC) for convenient, non-invasive thermal management studies.



Designed and manufactured here at Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., the ethermVIEW system includes a high performance, solid-state color camera for macroscopic inspection of boards and components treated with heat-sensitive TLC materials.

The high end camera in the ethermVIEW system features a flicker-free white light source that provides clear viewing of dark surfaces and partially concealed elements. The camera connects to a PC by Firewire, the standard connection for high definition video devices. For image processing and management on the PC, the system uses thermSOFT, a proprietary software program included in other thermal analysis devices manufactured by ATS. The ethermVIEW system is provided with a transformer for international use.

In contrast to infrared thermography systems, the ethermVIEW TLC method is not affected by ambient temperatures and provides more precise temperature measurements – within +/- 0.1°C accuracy. The ethermVIEW system can also be purchased for less than a third the cost of a typical IR thermography system.

ethermVIEW Liquid Crystals

ethermVIEW Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystals used with ethermVIEW studies reflect incident light at visible wave lengths based on the temperature of the surface to which they’re applied. ethermVIEW captures the reactive TLC colors to reveal hot spots and defects, and to develop and verify more effective thermal management solutions.

ATS provides a choice of TLC-100 liquid crystals formulated to respond visually to specific temperatures. TLC-100 crystals are specifically designed for heat transfer studies and mapping heat fields on electronic boards and components. The crystals change color at a specified temperature starting at red, changing to green then blue. For electronics cooling applications, this provides the user accurate information about the location of hot spots on a device, along with their temperature and temperature gradient. When the ethermVIEW system is properly calibrated, any standard thermochromic liquid crystal material can be used for thermal studies. ATS provides four calibrations at no cost during the first year of ownership of an ethermVIEW system.

Starting price for the ethermVIEW  thermographic analysis system is $15,000 depending on configuration and volume of liquid crystals provided.

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New Consulting Project Subscription Plan

ATS has released a Consulting Project Subscription Plan (CPSP) for engineering services. From our corporate headquarters in Norwood, Massachusetts,we offers comprehensive thermal management analysis and design services for the telecommunications, medical, military, defense, aerospace, automotive, and embedded computing industries. The new plan allows ATS engineers to become an extension of your team for a pre-determined amount of hours, providing expert thermal and mechanical engineering consultation, design, simulation, testing and validation.

ATS Design Services

Services include Design, Simulation, Testing, Analysis & Prototyping

The CPSP includes the use of ATS thermal lab facilities and covers all projects approved by an authorized representative of subscribed customers. ATS thermal management analysis and design services encompass both experimental and computational simulations using proprietary tools and computational fluid dynamics software packages such as FLOTHERM and CFdesign.

Thermal Testing & Analysis

Thermal Testing & Analysis

The new subscription plan gives customers priority access to ATS engineering and manufacturing resources for all chip, board, enclosure, and system related projects. ATS studies the full packaging domain, including components, circuit boards (PCBs), shelves, chassis, and system packaging.

Consulting capabilities include:

– heat sink, board and fan characterization

– heat sink design and optimization

– PCB & fan tray design and optimization

– liquid cooling design

– prototyping of heat sinks and complete cooling systems

– wind tunnel testing of components, PCBs, chassis and enclosures

ATS offers rapid prototyping of machined parts and cooling systems from its US facilities. Sheet metal fabrication and cut heat sink prototypes are quickly provided from international partners.

Liquid Crystal Thermography

Liquid Crystal Thermography

ATS believes that customers who wish to remain competitive should consider a design-to-suit opportunity solution first. Contrary to common perception, this proves to be less expensive to the customer in the long run, because of the ensuing gain in product efficiency and compatibility. Working side-by-side with customers worldwide, ATS engineers provide tailored solutions to thermal and mechanical packaging challenges on real projects with real schedules.

To learn more about the consulting project subscription plan, call 781-769-2800, email ats-hq@qats.com, or visit www.qats.com.

New Video Showing Liquid Crystal Thermography

In light of several media spotlights on the TLC-100, including FrostyTech, EDN, and Electronics Product Magazine, ATS has released a new video showing the Liquid Crystal Thermography Kit in action. ATS engineer, Greg, shows us how liquid crystals begin turning red, then into different colors, representing the temperature distribution of the component or board. By applying these liquid crystals, engineers can visually find hotspots and temperature fields on chips and other electronic components.

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