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Designing Safe and Reliable Medical Devices with WPG and ATS

Thermal management is important in all electronics, but the thermal management of medical electronics is especially important as it deals with the health of all of us and our families. WPG Americas Inc., along with Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) and other manufacturers, has released an eBook designed to provide helpful information for the proper power design for those systems.

WPG Americas Inc., ATS, and other companies joined together to create this
Medical Device eBook for Engineers. (WPG Americas Inc.)

The eBook discusses the main principles of IEC 60601-1 and how they apply to power supply design. It also looks at the evolution of the standard through to the fourth edition and provide an overview of medically-safe power solutions available for medical equipment designers and manufacturers.

Finally, the book touches on solutions in the medical device design space by leading manufacturers like Cosel, NMB and Advanced Thermal Solutions.

Download the eBook at Designing Safe and Reliable Medical Devices.

At ATS, we work with engineers to design thermal management solutions optimized for a variety of applications, including Medical Diagnostic, Biomedical, and Gene Sequencing Equipment.

Below are some of the products we’ve used for this engineering work:

Products Used in
Medical Applications
Application Notes
Heat PipesOften used to draw heat away from a high-power area, such
as from an image processor to a
medical device chassis.
TLC-100 and tvLYT™Less expensive than an IR camera
or other options, these instruments
give engineers reliable liquid
crystal surface thermography to
visualize hot spots on
semiconductors or other parts of a PCB.
Push Pin Heat SinksUsed when a very secure
attachment is needed, such as in
applications with consistent shock
and vibration concerns.
Cold PlatesOften used as part of a liquid loop
in larger medical diagnostic
equipment for high-power
applications such genome
sequencing, imaging, or
tissue thermal management.
Candlestick Sensor and Hot Wire
For measuring air temperature and air velocity at one point, with the
same sensor. Ensures that a system design has the right level of
airflow to ensure safe and proper
Pin Fin Heat SinksThese are inexpensive heat sinks
with good thermal performance
that accommodate multi-
directional air flow.
Power Brick Heat Sinks Used most commonly in the power supply of the system for cooling DC-DC power bricks.
Heat ExchangersOften used as part of a liquid loop
in larger medical diagnostic
equipment. For high-power
applications such as genome
sequencing, imaging, or
tissue thermal management.
fanSINK Heat Sinks with maxiGRIPUsed for medical applications that have limited airflow where direct airflow is required.
Extrusion Profile Heat SinksThese are often used in custom
medical equipment applications
when an engineer wants to
experiment with a variety of fin
fields, lengths and base thicknesses.

For more information about Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) thermal management consulting and design services for medical applications, visit
https://www.qats.com/Applications/Medical-Applications or contact ATS at 781.769.2800 or ats-hq@qats.com.

ATS Releases New Liquid Cooling eBook

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has created an new Engineering eBook on Liquid Cooling and its applications in the thermal management of electronics. Click here to download this free, 16-page eBook loaded with technical content.