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ATS welcomes engineering students from Tufts

Tufts University

Dr. Bahman Tavassoli of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. gives a demonstration of a wind tunnel to Dr. Marc Hodes (left) and a group of students from Tufts University. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

On Friday, Oct. 14, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) welcomed Dr. Marc Hodes and a group of six mechanical engineering students from Tufts University to its Norwood, Mass. campus. The students learned about the company, its products, and took a tour of two of ATS’ four laboratories to see some of the testing equipment utilized by ATS engineers.

After a welcome from ATS founder, President and CEO Dr. Kaveh Azar, the students enjoyed a brief introduction from Marketing Director John O’Day about the company, its products, and the importance of thermal management in the design of today’s high-powered electronics.

The lab tours were led by Dr. Bahman Tavassoli, ATS Chief Technologist. First, he took the students into the Characterization Lab to demonstrate the BWT-104 open-loop wind tunnel and the CLWT-067 closed-loop wind tunnel. The students learned how ATS engineers use Candlestick sensors, thermocouples and the iQ-200 to measure air velocity, temperature, and pressure across a PCB using one system. There was also a thermVIEW Liquid Crystal Thermography unit set up, in which ATS engineers use infrared (IR) cameras to examine hot spots on a cold plate.

Tufts University

Students take a closer look at ATS testing equipment. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

Dr. Bahman Tavassoli

Dr. Tavassoli answers questions from Tufts University students. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

The Tufts students learned more than simply how the testing processes worked. They also learned why thermal management is an important consideration in the early stages of a design. Dr. Tavassoli and Dr. Hodes spoke of their professional experiences in the field of thermal engineering and where projects had gone wrong when thermal issues were not considered in the planning stages.

Dr. Azar also joined the students in the lab to show them the wicking material being used by ATS engineers in state-of-the-art vapor chamber designs.

Tufts University

ATS CEO, President and founder Dr. Kaveh Azar speaks with the student from Tufts in the Characterization Lab. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

After the Characterization Lab, the students were taken into the Electronics Lab and were given a demonstration of the Water Flow Visualization equipment. ATS engineers use the equipment to test how air will flow through a system.

The students asked numerous questions of Dr. Tavassoli to get a better idea of the important concepts of thermal engineering that were presented in the 90-minute visit to ATS. Now, the students will have the real-world applications that they saw at ATS in mind when learning the concepts of thermodynamics, thermal fluids, and more in their Tufts courses.

To learn more about Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., visit or contact ATS at 781.769.2800 or

ATS Summer Intern Shares Her Positive Experience

ATS Intern

Rachel, a 2016 summer intern at Advanced Thermal Solutions, describes the positive learning experience she had at ATS.

Rachel, a 2016 summer marketing intern at Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS), recently sat down to discuss her experiences with the company, what she learned, and her favorite moments. From search engine optimization to the importance of a strong web presence to utilizing social media in the B2B market, Rachel said that she learned a lot about marketing a company such as ATS.

Among her favorite memories was National Thermal Engineer Day on July 24, which was created by ATS in 2015 to recognize the impact of thermal engineer because without the contributions of thermal engineers, the electronics that are an integral part of today’s life and the cornerstone of this nation’s technological advancement would not be possible.There was a cookout at ATS’ Norwood campus and a lot of fun for the staff, as seen below:

ATS Intern

To explore an internship opportunity like Rachel had this summer, contact Advanced Thermal Solutions at

Hear what Rachel had to say about her time at ATS in the video below:

ATS Host ASME December 2015 Boston Meeting

ATS had the pleasure of hosting the local ASME Boston Chapter on December 10, 2015.    The event was very well attended with a number of Greater Boston Mechanical Engineers.  Attendees were given a tour of ATS’s R&D and Manufacturing campus in Norwood MA, including labs, new technologies being developed and ATS’s well regarded quick turn protype and manufacturing team.

The ATS team welcomed the ASME attendees with cake!December 2015 ASME Meeting at ATS Cake
Part of the tour included ATS’s water tunnel, a unique lab instrument that allows flows to physically be viewed.
ATS water tunnel for visible flow visualization

To finish the evening, Dr. Kaveh Azar presented on the state of thermal management technologies from low power to high power:

ASME Engineers at ATS for ASME December 2015 Meeting

Digital News Gets Support from ATS

With Thermal Engineer day approaching (7/24) we here at ATS would like to thank all of the PR firms and digital news magazines who covered our new clipKIT campaign.

thermal technology - digital news - electronics businessAs a token of our appreciation, we have provided a link to our customers and viewers to download our clipKIT data sheet for all your attachment needs. HERE.


ATS Heat Sinks Help Ephesus LED Stadium Lighting Stay Cool During Super Bowl XLIX

Ephesus Stadium Series Lighting with ATS Heat Sink for LED     If any of our readers watched the Super Bowl you know that a first was made – it is the first time the SuperBowl has been played under LED Lighting.  The Stadium LED lights were provided by Ephesus Lighting.

ATS is proud to announce we just recently received a special thanks from Ephesus for being their partner in providing those lights to the University of Phoenix stadium where the Super Bowl was played.    This is really our mission at ATS, to provide innovations in thermal management that delight our customers.

If you have LED lighting that needs a cool solution, drop us a line, we’re here to help:   Email us at    or visit our LED Design Service web page or LED Heat Sink Web pages.