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ATS’ Standard Board Level Heat Sinks for PCB

We’ve just released our new line of standard board level heat sinks. These stamped heat sinks are ideal for PCB application, especially where TO-220 packages are used. Available now through Digi-Key Electronics​ or at this link from ATS…


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Blow Torch, ATS Heat Sink Attachments

This video shows a flame test of the ATS heat sink clips superGRIP and maxiGRIP. These are used in the ATS clipKIT. It shows that the clips do not ignite, a key requirement in Telecomm applications and for general safety.

For more on ATS’s clipKITS, visit

ATS maxiGRIP and superGRIP Heat Sink Attachments

Advanced Thermal Solutions John O’Day and Len Alter showcase the patented heat sink attachments maxiGRIP and superGRIP. With its patented and discrete design, these heat sink attachments are well worth it for being your only choice for a cost-effective, high performing thermal solution.

New Heat Sink Attachment Video Tutorial

Heat sink attachment is as important as the heat sink itself, in fact, with the heat sink and thermal interface material, the three pieces form a thermal managment system.  But what kind of heat sink attachment should you choose?  Clip?  Pins?  Tape?  Our latest video tutorial is 3 minutes long and covers the pros and cons of the major heat sink attachments.

Which Heat Sink Family Is Designed For A Wide Array of Spring Compression and Air Velocity Applications?

Alot of thought went into creating the ATS line of Push Pin Heat Sinks.  Some of the key questions that were considered included:

  • How do we create a heat sink family where a set of applications might be either low air flow or high air flow?
  • What type of environments, including shock and vibration, will a given application have and how do our engineers insure the right compression springs and hardware for a wide range are available.
  • What are the widest array of semiconductor package sizes that we will need to be accommodate?

The Push-Pin 2-minute video gives a quick overview of the product line with these key design points in mind:

Also available through Digi-Key!

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