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New fanSINKSTM Cool Hot Components in Sizes from 27mm to 70mm

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) now provides fanSINKSTM heat sinks for component sizes ranging from 27mm to 70mm square. The wider size range accommodates hot semiconductor components, including FPGAs, ASICS and other package types used in telecomm, optics, test/measurement, military and other applications.

fanSINK product line for components from 27mm to 70mm

ATS fanSINKSTM feature cross-cut, straight aluminum fins. They support omnidirectional airflow for optimum cooling performance from attached fans and ambient air. The sinks are provided with a pre-assembled thermal interface material (TIM) to optimize heat transfer.

fanSINKSTM attach securely to components using ATS’ proven maxiGRIP™ high-reliability mechanical attachment system. maxiGRIP™ includes a high performance plastic frame clip and a stainless steel spring clip. For larger components, fanSINKSTM mount tightly to PCBs using provided PEM pushpins that secure into 3.0 mm through holes.

Each fanSINKTM requires its own fan, which should be selected based on the cooling application. Fans by Delta, Sunon, San Ace and other manufacturers are vetted by ATS engineers for ready deployment in cooling applications. For secure fan attachment, ATS provides stainless steel mounting screws in a range of lengths for different fan heights. The screws secure the fan into pre-drilled holes in the base of the fanSINKTM.

ATS fanSINK™ active heat sinks are available from Advanced Thermal Solutions’ global distributor network. More information on the heat sinks and ATS distributors can be found on the company’s website,, and by calling 1-781-769-2800.


About Advanced Thermal Solutions

For more than 30 years, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has been a global engineering and manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics. Founded in 1989 as a consulting company, ATS today is a complete airflow filtration and thermal solutions provider. ATS provides a family of ultra-low temperature freezers and air cleansers for room-level air filtration to remove viruses, including COVID-19. ATS is also world-renowned for its portfolio of more than 5,000 high- and ultra-performance heat sinks. It provides industry-leading liquid cooling solutions, the broadest off-the-shelf line of heat pipes, expert consulting and design services, research-quality test equipment, and leading edge R&D. ATS has a manufacturing center in the U.S. and strategic partnerships with global manufacturers to provide its global customers with complete thermal solutions ready to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges. ATS is headquartered in Norwood, MA, about 30 minutes south of Boston. Learn more at

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