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ATS Redesigns Sensor Calibration Process & Technology Creating a Price Reduction in its Spot Sensor

Advanced Thermal Solutions has redesigned its sensor calibration process and technology. The improved process and lab upgrades for calibration have led to a price reduction in its spot sensor product. ATS spot sensors offer the industry a durable, reliable and more accurate alternative to the thermocouple. 


ATS’ redesign of its sensor calibration process and technology has allowed customers to take advantage of critical cost savings. The redesign has led to significant efficiencies in their spot sensor calibration process. This new pricing brings the total cost of ownership within the range of thermocouples. ATS uses its spot sensor, Candlestick Sensor and other sensors and instruments in all their consulting work. Customers who need help with choosing the right sensor and instrument, or who need an experienced thermal design engineering partner, are encouraged to contact ATS. ATS’ full thermal characterization lab is part of any thermal management design work and includes four free hours during a project’s kick off. 


The ATS spot sensor is a single sensor probe designed for measuring various temperatures where a thermocouple may be used.  It has a very small footprint, which allows it to be positioned exactly at the spot that is being measured. The sensor size eliminates any conductive heat transfer issues through the lead wire, which enhances measurement accuracy. Finally, unlike a thermocouple, the ATS spot sensor is immune to RF cross talk that can occur in electronic systems as they are operational and being thermally measured. For many thermal analysis projects, it is better to choose a durable sensor that can handle various thermal jobs reliably. ATS’ spot sensor is just such a product.


ATS developed the spot sensor in response to what it saw in their own thermal characterization lab. As ATS engineers were performing characterization work on customer equipment, they found that thermocouples were a good tool but not as robust as they could be. Sometimes, ATS engineers had to create new thermocouples while working with customers. While this was seen as a normal occurrence in the testing phase, ATS set out to innovate on a more effective solution to this problem, thus creating its spot sensor in the process. ATS’ spot sensors work with all ATS anemometers, from the industry leading iQ-200, air temperature, velocity and pressure measurement systems to the basic ATVS-4.