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The Online Publication and Book Series Dedicated to the Thermal Management of Electronics

Qpedia Thermal eMagazine was launched in 2007 as a monthly newsletter focused on the thermal management of electronics. Now in its 9th year of publication, Qpedia is a highly respected monthly magazine that is distributed at no charge to over 18,000 engineers. Written and published by the engineers of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Qpedia is a technical resource to help the engineering community solve the most challenging thermal problems. Each issue provides practical approaches to thermal management challenges and explains the new technologies for successfully cooling today and tomorrow’s hot-running electronics.

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Table of Contents - October 2010

Current Issues

October 2010



Application of Air Jet Impingement in a 1-U System

Jet impingement provides one of the highest heat transfer coefficients among cooling methods. This property of jet impingement has been put to use by Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) in a 1-U server application. Jet impingement has also been applied to ATCA chassis.


Thermal Management of Defense Electronics

The biggest challenge to the thermal management of defense electronics stems from varied boundary conditions that are encountered in a short span of time. Military and space electronics live and operate in environments where extremes are seen in the course of a mission’s operations.


Optimal Configuration of Pipes and Cables in Underfloor Plenums

For raised floor configurations in data centers, the layout of pipes and cables underneath the floor has a large effect on cold air distribution above the floor. As a general design rule of thumb, engineers should find a pipe and cable layout which can bring minimum flow disturbance and flow impedance.


Strategies for CFD Modeling of Complex PCBs

The development of computational fluid dynamics in modern design allows for a higher level of upfront analysis; however, there is a steep learning curve associated with its accurate use. This article highlights work done on the set up of CFD simulations, best practices and potential issues.


Cooling News

New products, services and events from around the industry.