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The Tubed Cold Plate family is engineered as a cost effective and reliable solution for thermal management applications where liquid cooling of components is preferred over air.

The cold plates are manufactured in the USA using a continuous copper tube and a press fit attachment. This method maximizes heat transfer since the tubes are directly connected to the plate instead of through a bulky epoxy or other material that can act as thermal insulator.

The ATS-TCP-1002 tubed cold plate, at a flow rate of 2 gpm, has a tube thermal resistance of 0.007°C/W and a plate thermal resistance of 0.012°C/W with a pressure drop of 7.87 psi


  • Dimensions in mm (L x W x H): 305 x 127 x 15 with an overall length of 381 mm
  • Cost effective thermal management solution for component cooling where the heat load is low to moderate
  • Compatible with industry accepted coolants
  • The cold plate base the copper tubes press into is made of aluminum 6061
  • Direct, press fit, contact of copper pipe with the cold plate provides superior heat transfer
  • Supplied with secure, 3/8“ push-to-connect tube fittings for a tight connection between the cold plate and inlet and outlet tubing. Tube outer diameter is 3/8“ (9.525 mm).
  • Maximum pressure: 200 psi
  • Plastic tubing connecting to our Cold Plate fitting has to be at least 90 durometer Shore A scale

Customization is available. ATS can design cold plates to meet size restrictions and manufacture cold plates to connect with a variety of components include

ATS Tubed Cold Plate Family
(Thermal Performance Base on 400 W, 20 °C Inlet Temp, and Water as Fluid)
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ATS-TCP-1002 305 x 127 x 15   Check Distribution Stock »
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ATS-TCP-1004 305 x 178 x 15   Check Distribution Stock »
ATS-TCP-1005 610 x 178 x 15   Check Distribution Stock »

Complete Your Liquid Loop with ATS

ATS has the products needed to design a complete liquid cooling loop : Cold Plates to transfer and remove the heat from the source; Heat Exchanger to tranfer heat from the liquid to the air with or without a fan; and Chillers to circulate and condition the fluid in the system. In Addition , ATS offer Flow Meter to instanteaously measure the volumetric flow rate of the fluid in the system and Leak Detector to notify users of any leaks in the system.

Flow Meters

Leak Detectors


Heat Exchangers