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Wide variety of heat sinks for cooling different devices that are packaged in a variety of components

ATS offers a broad array of heat sinks for cooling of different devices that are packaged in a variety of components. BGA, LGAASIC and LED cooling solutions are offered in a variety of fin types, including maxiFLOW™, straight fin, pin fin and cross cut designs. maxiFLOW’s patented flared fin design, maximizes effective convection cooling and reduces junction temperatures by more than 20%. These heat sinks are available with a variety of heat sink attachment options, including  maxiGRIP™, superGRIP™push pins and thermal tape.

maxiFLOW™ Heat Sinks
These heat sinks provide the highest thermal performance per occupied space compared to other heat sink designs. Their spread fin arrays maximize surface area for more effective convection (air) cooling, with a 20% lower junction temperature and a 40% reduction in thermal resistance vs. straight fin and pin fin sinks.
Zipper Fin Heat Sinks
Zipper fins are thin, interlocking sheets assembled and wave soldered or bonded to a metal base to form a heat sink. The heat sinks have high aspect ratio fin profiles, enabling taller, thinner and more densely packed fins for increased surface area and improved cooling performance. Custom design a heat sink with ATS pre-tooled zipper fin profiles that have no NRE.
Power Brick Heat Sinks
These ATS heat sinks are designed for 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full brick size DC-to-DC converters. These low profile, spread fin heat sinks maximize surface area for more effective convection (air) cooling of power brick modules. Designed with the ATS high performance maxiFLOW™design.
Passive CPU Coolers
ATS high-performance fanless coolers use system airflow to cool high-powered processors, including CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. The straight-fin heat sinks are ideal for systems with open airflow from front to back. Aluminum fins reduce the overall weight, while copper fins reduce spreading resistance for better thermal performance.
Active CPU Coolers
Provide 20%+ better thermal performance than other active coolers. dualFLOW™ and quadFLOW™ coolers are used on high-powered CPUs, FPGAs, and GPUs in dense systems. They combine a straight fin heat sink with a high-performance blower that pulls air across the device. Designed for CPUs fitting the Intel™ LGA2011 square and LGA2066 sockets (Socket R).
Push Pin Heat Sinks
ATS provides fine and ultra-fine pitch heat sinks designed for high velocity airflows and coarse pitch heat sinks for low velocity airflow conditions. Offered in straight fin, cross-cut, and ultra-performance maxiFLOW™ fin geometries. More than 108K sink and pin configurations are available – the world’s largest.
fanSINK™ Heat Sinks
fanSINK™ heat sinks provide active cooling directly to BGA packages. The fans are securely screwed onto cross-cut, straight fin heat sinks. Their fins offer omni-directional airflow for optimum thermal performance. They attach using different ATS clip-on technologies, or thermal tape. No drill holes are needed in the PCB.
LED Cooling Heat Sinks
ATS high-performance LED heat sinks help ensure performance, efficiency, and reliability of LED lighting in industrial and commercial applications. Based on the ATS patented maxiFLOW™ technology, LED heat sinks come in linear, round/star, and custom designs. Cast, machined, and extruded options meet thermal and aesthetic requirements.
Extruded Profile Heat Sinks
Aluminum extrusions are the most cost-effective solutions for the majority of electronic cooling applications. ATS provides high aspect ratio, extruded heat sinks with straight, slant and pin fin profiles in different lengths and heights. With our extensive inventory, there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and no NREs are required.
High Aspect Ratio Straight Fin Heat Sinks
These straight fin heat sinks are ideal for compact PCB environments over a range of component sizes. Designed for dense PCBs with components in close proximity, where spread fin maxiFLOW™ heat sinks cannot be applied. The ATS maxiGRIP™ mounting system enables quick, secure attachment without PCB holes.
High Aspect Ratio Cross-Cut Heat Sinks
There are many forms of electronics packages, including BGA, QFP, LCC, LGA, CLCC, TSOP, DIP and LQFP. ATS provides a large inventory of cross-cut heat sinks for applications where the direction of the airflow is ambiguous. The cross-cut fin design allows the use of cooling air from any direction. The heat sinks easily attach with a thermally conductive tape and can be board-mounted with a spring clip.
Stamped Heat Sinks
ATS' high quality, low cost, aluminum stamped heat sinks are ideal for low power thermal management solutions. The simple design and manufacturing of these heat sinks allows high volume manufacturing and reduced assembly costs. Stamped heat sinks are ideal for cooling TO-220 packages and other power devices.
LGA Heat Sinks
The ATS-57000 series of LGA heat sinks provides the highest level of cooling performance for high-power LGA (Land Grid Array) applications for multicore processors from Intel, AMD, Freescale and others. Both passive and active cooling (with fan) choices are available. Provided with spring-loaded push pins for secure attachment.
ASIC Cooling Heat Sinks
ASIC packaging includes FPGA, BGA and LGA. These custom designed electronics engines in special packaging require high-capacity cooling. ATS provides more than 4000 heat sinks with the highest thermal performance to cool the most common ASIC devices on the market. The ATS patented maxiFLOW™ design is low profile, with maximized cooling surface area, providing the best cooling option for power hungry ASICs.
Device Specific Heat Sinks
ATS provides anodized aluminum heat sinks for NXP flip-chip processors and Texas Instruments Audio Evaluation Modules. The NXP heat sinks feature the ATS patented maxiFLOW™ high performance design, and no-holes maxiGRIP™ attachment, with a phase-change TIM included. The Texas Instrument AEM heats sinks are optimized for natural convection air cooling.
Low-Profile Heat Sinks
ATS has a range of low-profile heat sinks and attachment methods for electronics systems with limited space and airflow. From ultra-low-profile blueICE™ heat sinks to low-profile maxiFLOW™ and straight-fin heat sinks, ATS has solutions for tough-to-cool components deployed in systems such as telecommunications and IoT where space is at a premium. Attachment methods include thermal tape, or ATS high-performance maxiGRIP™ and superGRIP™ systems require no holes on a PCB.
Pin Fin Heat Sinks
These heat sinks are engineered with thin, dense fields of pin-shaped cooling fins. The pin fin design provides excellent cooling in spatially constrained PCB layouts when the direction of the airflow near the device is ambiguous The high efficiency pin design provides low pressure drop to optimize cooling airflow. Concentrated pins provide a large surface area to increase performance. The heat sinks can be attached with double-sided thermal adhesive tape, Z-clips or the ATS maxiGRIP™ system.
High Aspect Ratio Slant Fin Heat Sinks
ATS ultra-performance extruded heat sinks with high aspect ratios optimize natural airflow. Slant fin designs provide added surface area and higher performance where their larger fin-to-fin spacing are applicable. Slant heat sink solutions are available for component sizes from 10x10mm to 60x60mm. Heat sink height ranges from 2-25mm with 1mm increments. These heat sinks can be attached using double-sided thermal adhesive, Z-clips or ATS maxiGRIP™ technology.