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Heat Pipe Bending Tool

Precision Heat Pipe Bending Tool

Heat Pipe Bending Tool Heat Sink Selection Tool
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The ATS Heat Pipe Bender is a precision engineering tool designed to give engineers and technicians accurate and thermally reliable heat pipe bends.

The tool gives the user the ability to apply the right amount of     leverage and torque in order to get the right bend. The tool also stops a user from over bending and thus reducing the heat pipes thermal performance.


  • Made from aluminum and hard anodized for durable, long use
  • Any round heat pipe size in the ATS heat pipe family can be used
  • Other manufacturers round heat pipes may be used, providing they are within the same size ranges as ATS
  • Tool allows for a smooth, accurate bending motion to reduce marks on the tube
  • Mountable to lab benches, vices, production workstations and other fixtures
  • Custom mounting approaches available
  • Easy to use, simply set the measure arm to the length of the target heat pipe, and then chose and screw down the appropriate bend radius.
  • Bending Angle Supported: 10 to 170 degrees

Customization Available!
ATS Will Develop Custom Mounting
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Bending Tips

  • Bend Radius: The Minimum bend radius is 3x the diameter of the heat pipe being bent
  • Qmax: Every 45 degree bend reduces Qmax by about 2.5%
  • Use Care! To insure the best result please use care when inserting or removing the heat pipe
Heat Pipe Bender Part NumberHeat Pipe Diameter Tool Can Bend (mm)Inside Bend Radius (mm)Bend Angle Range (degree)Data SheetBuy Now
ATS-HP-D4TOOL 4 10 and 12 10 to 170 Check
Stock »
ATS-HP-D6TOOL 6 15 and 18 10 to 170 Check
Stock »
ATS-HP-D8TOOL 8 20 and 24 10 to 170 Check
Stock »


Heat Pipe Compatibility:

  • All ATS Round Heat Pipes
  • Other manufacturers round heat pipes within ATS size ranges
  • Can be used with other manufacturers round heat pipes outside the ATS HP size range at user’s discretion. ATS does not advise this nor does ATS warranty that it will work nor will we take liability