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High Performance Flat Heat Pipes

ATS’ high performance Flat Heat Pipes are used to transfer heat with minimal temperature difference or spread the heat across a surface. ATS’ heat pipes are low profile and can easily attach to a heat sink.


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Light weight
  • Fast thermal response
  • Flat shape allows for easy attachment to heat dissipating components
  • Sintered wick ideal for heat pipes placed in a gravity adverse orientation

Product Specifications

  • Tube Material: Copper
  • Wick Type: Sintered
  • Length: 100mm
  • Width: 8.5mm
  • Height: 2.5mm
  • Weight: 6.8 grams
  • Working Fluid: Distilled water
  • Maximum Heat Flux: 30W
  • Temperature Range: 30-120°C

Heat Pipe Applications

  • Compact Electronics Enclosures
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer Electronics